Who is Jekyll & Hyde?

Jennifer Hyde, of course! No, but really, we all represent Jekyll and Hyde. Just as the old story goes, Jekyll is the light bright positive side of our being and Hyde represents the darker more negative vibrations. Each of us is both. We all have duality. In order to fully engage in life we must honor both sides of ourselves, the dark and the light. We must acknowledge both parts in our beauty, in our fashion, in our mind, and in our soul. Our fashion and style is just an outward reflection of our soul…

Embrace your duality and become transformed. This applies to fashion and clothing too. Thus we have some modern leather items and statement clothing mixed right in to the vintage. Jennifer loves mixing fine and funky vintage pieces for that one of a kind, individual look you desire. We boast a selection that ranges from a size 2-22+. The intention is to dress anyone and everyone. If you are on the voluptuous side, great! We know girls with the amazing curves have needs, too! Jennifer and the team members will do their best to make your shopping experience at Jekyll & Hyde Vintage so good that you want to bring your friends for a dress-up day!

We have the best selection in vintage leather clothing for women and men in Dallas TX.

You can find our Jekyll & Hyde Vintage and other fashion related things on Pinterest, Etsy, eBay and Twitter@1jekyllandhyde.

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Do you consign?

Not at this time.  98% of our inventory is hand selected by Jennifer Hyde, founder and creator of Jekyll & Hyde Transformation Salon, Jekyll & Hyde Vintage, and Brazen Hippie.

Can I rent clothing?

Not at this time.

Do you buy clothing or estates?

Sometimes we do! Please email with the details, location, etc. & we’ll be happy to contact you.

Are you a salon or a vintage shop?

Jekyll & Hyde is actually both.  What started out as a small studio salon space has evolved into multifaceted business that includes vintage clothing, records and albums, leather goods, accessories, and much  more.  We have a trend-setting unique multicultural salon located in the same building as our store. Jekyll & Hyde offers a truly one of a kind experience.

Where are you?

Jekyll & Hyde does have a small and funky location in Dallas, Texas. 2330 North Henderson Ave., Dallas. Texas 75206. 469-420-0333. We are in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood where parking is scarce, but pizza and fun are plentiful.  Our location is at the intersection where Capitol meets Henderson.  Come by anytime Tuesday – Saturday 10 am-7pm. Beauty + Fashion = 1 Stop Shop

What forms of payment are accepted?

PAYMENT METHODS JekyllandHyde.us accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept checkout through Paypal. All payments are processed securely and encrypted.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: We pride ourselves in handling your orders in a timely fashion, with most items shipping within 72 hours of ordering; however some items may take longer to process. We normally ship on Tuesday and Friday of each week (excluding holidays).

SHIPPING TIMES: We ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) using priority mail. Regular service: 5-7 business days Express service: within 3-4 business days Please note that delivery dates are not guaranteed in the event of failures caused by events beyond the control of JekyllandHyde.us.

CASH GRATITUITY for our salon staff only please.  We do not allow credit card tips.  Please be prepared to tip your stylist, or stylists, in cash for your services.  Only products and services are processed on our credit card system.