Jennifer HydeJennifer Hyde is an unbridled, creative entrepreneur, Bold-Hippie-Goddess, originally from the Show-Me State, living her life unabashedly and having as much fun as possible along the way. An eclectic, bohemian spirit, Jennifer’s travels as a Platform Artist and Master Stylist put her in the Dallas area about 15 years ago, on what she would call a “scientific whim.” Jennifer enjoyed many things about this big metropolitan and about TEXAS in general so she decided to stay a while. Being the risk-taking adventurer that she is, Jennifer decided to allow her expertise and background in the beauty/fashion industry guide her once again to occupy small store front space in Dallas on Henderson Ave where she then built an entire STYLE ARCHITECTURE experience. After starting with only a tiny salon space, she has combined all the things she loves into one place, under one roof, especially for you.

Art.  Beauty.  Locs.  Color.  Vintage.  Leather.
Collectibles.  Fashion.  Good Vibes.  Wellness.  Fun.

Jennifer Hyde is a life-long industry educator and speaker, who recently developed a Certification Program for Locs. She still personally trains every team member in addition to providing education to stylists outside the Jekyll & Hyde Transformation Salon. Jennifer has a mission to help other stylists reach their dream goals through education, motivation, and personal development.

Jennifer can still be found several days a week “behind-the-chair” at Jekyll & Hyde in Dallas. Miss Hyde is a creative individual who requires many endeavors, usually simultaneously. In addition to sharing knowledge and running Jekyll & Hyde she has many other creative outlets too. She paints, rebuilds, and refinishes furniture, and creates handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and leather goods. When she isn’t creating ART, she can be found traveling the world spreading love, joy, life force energy, self-healing, self-care, holistic wellness, and entrepreneurship.

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